Day/Night Timezones Editing

Keen to customise the watchface with your own locations (Timezones)..

The source code is available on github here

Import the source into cloudpebble, and edit the main.h file by modifying the following DEFINE statements to whatever you prefer..

// NOTE location on screen is CITY1 CITY3 CITY2

#define CITY1_name "NY (-)"

#define CITY1_offset -5 // NOTE not DST aware

#define CITY2_name "(+) Tokyo"

#define CITY2_offset 9

#define CITY3_name "UTC"

#define CITY3_offset 0

4.  Re-compile the project in cloudpebble - save your changes (see the save icon on the far right of the window) then go to COMPILATION and press the BUILD button.

5.  Done!  You have two options to view (INSTALL) your changes - either via the built-in EMULATOR or on your watch (via your PHONE).  To load onto your watch you will need to enable 'developer mode' in the pebble App (in settings).

6.  If you're having trouble with anything, feel free to contact me directly.

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Mark (chops) Reed

Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia

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